Logramos Third Edition Online Testing Levels 5-14

Logramos® TERCERA EDICIÓN (Third Edition) is a research-driven, evidence-based assessment that measures the achievement and monitors the growth of Spanish-speaking students in grades K–8 in reading, language, and mathematics and in grades 1–8 in science and social studies.
Logramos Grade K/Level 5 norms begin in Midyear
Logramos Grade K/Level 6 norms begin in Spring
Logramos Grade 1/Level 7 norms begin in Midyear

Levels 5 through 14
One online test administration

PLEASE NOTE: Online testing is delivered through the DataManager platform. Training is required for new/first time online test purchasers:
- 2000082 DataManager Technical Readiness & Data Set-up Training
- 1591195 DataManager Set-up & Test Administration
- 1591196 DataManager Proctor Training Webinar or 1591198 DataManager Proctor Training Onsite
- 2000083 DataManager System Report Training Webinar
Allow 4–12 weeks for set-up and training before testing.

Purchases are valid for one school year (7/1–6/30). Other conditions apply. Consult your Riverside Insights Assessment Consultant or Customer Service for additional information.

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