Woodcock-Johnson IV ECAD Kit

The WJ IV ECAD measures general intellectual ability, early academic skills and oral expression in all children ages 2-6 through 7-11 and children with cognitive developmental delays through age 9-11.

10 tests -- 4 unique and 6 early forms of WJ IV tests -- are included in one test easel. With its combination of unique new material and early-form content adapted from trusted WJ IV tests, ECAD provides a dynamic way for examiners to assess emerging cognitive abilities and academic skills in young children and children with cognitive delays using contemporary, theory-based measures.

ECAD’s assessment clusters can be completed individually or in any combination. Plus, some tests provide information applicable to multiple clusters, providing examiners with even more options for test customization.

ECAD offers percent delay, standard deviation delay and months delay scores, helping assessors in many states meet IDEA eligibility requirements.

The ECAD Kit includes:

- ECAD Test Book
- Comprehensive ECAD Manual
- Package of 25 ECAD Test Records and Response Worksheets with Scoring Licenses

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Dr. Fredrick Schrank; Dr. Nancy Mather; Dr. Kevin McGrew
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