Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey III Spanish Complete Kit

The Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey III (WMLS III) is the trusted measure of language proficiency. Designed for use with examinees as young as 3 and as old as 22, WMLS III provides quick and reliable assessment in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. WMLS III also features:

- All-new norms, item content, and artwork
- Support for assessing and monitoring language proficiency in dual language programs
- New test organization
- New checklists to better illustrate the impact of language background and academic language exposure on test results
- Two English forms and one Spanish form to help determine language proficiency, eligibility for EL services, and readiness for English-only instruction

WMLS III assessment results are calculated in real time through a streamlined, web-based scoring and reporting platform. The Teacher Report includes a plot of scores as well as a narrative description of the student’s results. The Parent Report includes a plot of scores and language proficiency definitions to help parents better understand their child’s performance. The Parent Report can be generated in English or Spanish.

The Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey III Spanish Complete Kit includes:

- Examiner’s Manual
- Spanish Test Book
- 25 Spanish Test Records (with 25 Scoring Licenses)
- 25 Response Booklets
- Carrying case

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Dr. Richard Woodcock; Criselda Guajardo Alvarado, EdD; Mary L. Ruef; Dr. Fredrick Schrank
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