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NEW! The Woodcock-Johnson V

The latest innovation from the trusted Woodcock-Johnson series of assessments, the WJ V combines the research backed theoretical foundation and psychometric strength of previous versions with a flexible digital design to provide the insights you need to accurately identify learning problems in children and adults.

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The Woodcock-Johnson Suite

Research backed, norm-referenced tests for learners of all ages

Our portfolio of clinical assessments can help practitioners determine eligibility for special education or language services, make educational programming decisions, and monitor growth.

Woodcock-Johnson IV

The most trusted, in-depth measure of academic, cognitive, and language strengths and weaknesses, designed to give you the insights you need for instruction and intervention. 

BaterĂ­a IV

The only co-normed assessment of achievement and cognitive abilities in Spanish, ideal for evaluating suspected learning difficulties in native Spanish-speakers. 


The most thorough measure of language ability, including reading, writing, speaking and listening, to help you support English and Spanish speakers. 

Achievement & Ability Assessments

Empowering educators with multiple measures to drive student growth

Our assessment portfolio provides educators with invaluable insights to inform personalized instruction, equitably place students in special programs, and identify gaps in student potential and performance.


CogAT is the only strengths-based abilities solution that enables educators to drive academic achievement through a classroom-ready Student Learning Profile.

Iowa Assessments

Iowa Assessments is a university-backed achievement test that allows schools to track student academic achievements and progress.


ESGI is the only progress monitoring system built specifically for Pre-K through 2nd grade with real-time data that instantly informs instruction to improve student learning trajectories.

The Battelle Developmental Inventory Suite

The most comprehensive suite of early childhood assessments

The Battelle suite can help practitioners determine children at risk for developmental and academic delays, identify children who may be eligible for special education services, plan instruction, and monitor progress.


Assess developmental milestones in children ages birth to 7 years, 11 months in English and Spanish.

BDI-3 Screener

In as quickly as 10 minutes, screen early childhood developmental milestones to drive intervention. 


Measure foundational literacy and math skills in children ages 3 years, 6 months to 7 years, 11 months.

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Riverside Community Blogs & Resources

Describing Abilities Using the Relative Proficiency Index

In this blog, learn about the Relative Proficiency Index, a score unique to the Woodcock-Johnson IV that allows you to make inferences on an examinee's skill proficiencies.

Voice of a Gifted Coordinator: Why CogAT for Gifted Identification?

In this blog, an experienced gifted and talented coordinator of 20 years, Adam Laningham, shares the reasons he consistently opted to use CogAT for gifted identification.

An Exclusive Look at the New WJ V Standard Achievement and Cognitive Batteries

In this webinar, explore the Woodcock-Johnson V Tests of Cognitive Abilities and Tests of Achievement; Standard batteries, with a specific emphasis on the new tests for the fifth edition.

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