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Gauge Student Well-Being with 60-Second "Pulse Checks"

How Are Your Students Doing?

Use ei Pulse to...

Capture Real-Time Data
Obtain up-to-date feedback on student
well-being in less than a minute

Gain Research-
Backed Insights

Leverage data from questions based on the ARACY framework for child and youth well-being

Amplify Student Voices
Give students an opportunity to express how they are feeling

Connect Students with Help
Quickly respond to student needs by giving students the chance to ask for help

Inform SEL Strategies
Use trend-level data to improve school culture and enhance SEL lessons

What's Next for My School?

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Key Features of ei Pulse

Six Questions

Each "pulse check" is only six questions, starting with "How are you doing today?"

Intuitive Reports

View data trends on easy-to-read reports that guide whole school SEL strategies and interventions


Students and staff can use the Pulse platform to express gratitude for a peer or teacher

Staff Pulse

Foster staff well-being by soliciting quick points of feedback from teachers and staff