Renzulli Learning

A research-based system for
whole-school enrichment and
personalized learning

Engage Every Learner

Renzulli Learning supports the whole learner through...

21st Century Skill Development
Enhances creative problem-solving and
critical thinking skills

An Interest-Based Approach
Identifies unique student strengths and interests

Personalized Enrichment
Matches students with creative activities to
deepen learning

Equitable Engagement
Differentiates instruction by language and learning style

What's Next for My School?

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Features of the Renzulli Learning System

The Renzulli Profiler

A detailed, online questionnaire that generates individual profiles of student strengths, interests and learning styles

The Enrichment Database

A collection of more than 50,000 activities and resources, aligned to student strengths and interests based on the Renzulli Profiler results

Project-Based Learning

The platform creates a Project Based Learning (PBL) venue that is safe and secure for students to collaboratively work on projects

Total Talent Portfolio

A system for students to showcase work and share accomplishments

Cebeci Test of

A digital creativity assessment of the four domains: fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration