Ability And Achievement Tool

Ability x Achievement Tool

Compare potential and performance with the Ability x Achievement Tool.
The Ability x Achievement Tool enables educators to combine the power of CogAT insights with any set of achievement data. Use this tool to answer questions like:
    • What is the general trend in my students’ CogAT and achievement performance? Are there sub-populations of students falling above or below the general trend line?
    • Which students demonstrate high potential in their cognitive abilities but may not be performing at or above their potential in reading and/or math?
    • What can we estimate about students’ future achievement performance using their CogAT data?
Ready to level-up with CogAT insights?
Learn how to use the tool with our video and written instructions, plus practice with a sample data set!
The Ability x Achievement Tool is compatible with Excel 365 and Excel 2021 or newer.

Step 1

Watch the Video Demos

Step 2

View the Visual Guides

Step 3

Download the Tool & Practice with Sample Data Sets

Tool 1: Achievement Template


Tool 2: Ability x Achievement


Data Set 1: CogAT Sample


Data Set 2: Achievement Sample